Vege boxes are prepared on SaleDay every week for pickup by, or delivery to your Subscribers.

Create a new SaleDay

When you create a new SaleDay, its date is automatically set to the Friday* following the previous SaleDay. If this is your first ever SaleDay, its date will be "next Friday". You can only create new SaleDays up to 2 weeks in advance (configurable).

When a new SaleDay is created, VegeBoss will automatically add orders for Subscribers based on their StartDate, EndDate and order Interval. It will also add estimated quantities of Products per box and per half-box (copied from the previous SaleDay if any). These orders and quantities can be manually adjusted later if required.

After a SaleDay has been created, you can manually change its date if necessary.

*Friday is the default SaleDay, but the actual day of the week and even the term "SaleDay" may be different for your group.

Editing SaleDay details

Information associated with a SaleDay is spread over six screens, each one representing a different step in the weekly process. You will normally proceed through each step in turn, but you can also go back and make adjustments to other steps at any time.

SaleDay summary > SaleDay buyers > SaleDay requirements > SaleDay orders > SaleDay supply > SaleDay packing