Edit a Product

When editing a Product, the following fields and links are available:

Field Purpose
Product name Name of the Product
Category The Product may be allocated to a Product Category
Current price Shows the current retail price
New price Enter a new retail price for this Product if the displayed price has changed or is incorrect
From date This is the date the new price will take effect. The old price will still be used for SaleDays prior to this date. If the displayed price is wrong (ie it hasn't changed, but was entered incorrectly), enter the correct price above, but leave the date field empty.
Retail calc If the supplier of this Product sets their own prices (see Growers), use this link to work out the retail price based on the Grower's wholesale price and the Grower percentage.
View price history This link will show a history of any changes to the price of this Product. To view the price history for all Products, see Price history under Products.
View supplied SaleDays This link will show the quantity of this Product supplied for each SaleDay.