SaleDay buyers (subscriber orders)

This screen shows a list of Subscribers who are to receive a box or half-box for this SaleDay.

Field Purpose
Name Shows the name of the subscriber
Select whether this Subscriber is to receive a full box or half-box of veges (or both). If you select neither, the Subscriber will be removed from the list. NOTE: Currently this form only allows a yes/no for box and half-box. If there's a need for it, this can be extended in the future to allow a Subscriber to receive multiple boxes and/or half-boxes.
Delivery Tick this box if the Subscriber requires delivery
Other service If the Subscriber receives any additional products or services, enter the description and price here.
Note Use this space for your own purposes; for example you might record the name of someone else who is picking up the box for this subscriber
Add To add another Subscriber to this SaleDay, select their name from this list

SaleDay steps: SaleDay summary > SaleDay buyers > SaleDay requirements > SaleDay orders > SaleDay supply > SaleDay packing