SaleDay summary

This page shows the basic information about a SaleDay.

Field Purpose
Date Date of the SaleDay, which is used for such things as finding the right price for Products (as prices may change over time)
Admin note This is a space for you to use however you wish, for leaving a note for yourself or other Users.
Customer note Any text you enter here will be included on the "in-the-box" slip (see below)
Packing manager Select the packing manager for this SaleDay, if required. The list will include all admin Users.
Volunteers Select the Volunteers who helped with packing for this SaleDay. Their names will be included on the "in-the-box" slip (see below)
SaleDay edits Each SaleDay will be locked to stop Users from inadvertently making changes after the SaleDay has passed. This is particularly important to ensure that Reports generated in the future will be accurate. Admin Users are able to temporarily unlock a SaleDay, but this ability should only be used when absolutely necessary.
"In the box" slip Once the SaleDay packing step has been completed, VegeBoss can generate information about what veges are in each box, which Growers the produce came from, and names of the Volunteers who helped with packing. This information can be emailed to Subscribers, or printed and inserted into each vege box.

SaleDay steps: SaleDay summary > SaleDay buyers > SaleDay requirements > SaleDay orders > SaleDay supply > SaleDay packing