Grower payments

You can add or view Grower payments in either of two ways; via a specific Grower page, or via a SaleDay page.

from Grower page

A link from the individual Grower page takes you to a payments page shows a list of SaleDays for which that Grower supplied you with Products. Next to each SaleDay will indicate whether you've paid the Grower for this SaleDay. You can record a new payment (if currently unpaid), or edit the existing payment.

from SaleDay page

Each SaleDay has a "Grower payments" link, which takes you to a page where you can record payments made to any Grower for that SaleDay.

Add or edit a Grower payment

When adding or editing a Grower payment, the following fields are available:

Field Purpose
Calc amount This shows the amount that VegeBoss thinks should be paid to the Grower, based on the Products supplied, the price of each and the applicable Grower percentage.
Amount paid The amount you paid to the Grower. In most cases it will be the same as the "Calc amount", but this is not enforced. You can delete an existing payment by entering a zero amount.
Payment date Date the payment was made.
Reference This field is for your own purposes, perhaps a cheque number or other reference.