Edit a Subscriber

When updating Subscriber details, the following fields are available:

Field Purpose
Name Name of the Subscriber. It's up to you whether you include their full name, or maybe just their first name or nickname. However you need to be careful that you don't add two Subscribers with the same name, as you won't be able to tell them apart!
Full name Optional full name of the Subscriber. This can be useful for identifying EFT payments if the Name field is only a first name or nickname.
Phone1 Subscriber's phone number (optional)
Phone2 Subscriber's second or alternative phone number (optional)
Email Subscriber's email address
Full box Tick this box if the Subscriber wants to receive a full box
Half box Tick this box if the Subscriber wants to receive a half-box
Delivery Tick this box if the Subscriber requires delivery
Other service If the Subscriber receives any additional products or services, enter the description and price here.
Interval Select how often the Subscriber wants their vege box (weekly or fortnightly). The system uses this to decide whether to add this Subscriber to a new SaleDay. Regardless of this setting, you can still manually add or remove the Subscriber from any SaleDay if required.
Start date The date this Subscriber will or did first receive a vege box. Leave it blank if there's a waiting list.
End date The last date this Subscriber received or will be receiving a vege box. For an ongoing Subscriber, this should be left blank.
Reason The reason the Subscriber ceased (if End date is present). For an ongoing Subscriber, this should be left blank.
Action pending Use this setting for your own purposes; Subscribers with this set are grouped separately in the Subscribers list.
Amount owing This shows a summary of how much is currently owed by the Subscriber. See also: Subscriber payments
Payments This link shows a list of all payments made by the Subscriber, along with the SaleDays each payment was applied to. See also: Subscriber payments
SaleDays This link will show a list of SaleDays the Subscriber has participated in, and whether each one has been paid for. See also: Subscriber payments
Deposit payment If your subscribers are required to pay a deposit when subscribing, you can record the details on this page. The fields let you record the amount of the deposit paid, and if the deposit has been refunded to them, the date of the refund. If the deposit is used to pay for the subscriber's last vege box(es) at the end of their subscription, you should select the "Applied to Saledays" refund method. In this case, you also need to manually add a payment for this, with a reference such as "deposit refund".