Subscriber payments

You can add or view payments for a specific Subscriber via their Subscriber page. For adding payments for multiple subscribers more easily, see Subscriber payments (multi).

When adding or updating a Subscriber payment, the following fields are shown:

Field Purpose
Amount The amount paid. You can delete an existing payment by entering a zero amount here.
Payment date The date the payment was received
Method How the payment was made, eg cash, cheque, direct deposit
Reference A payment reference (for your own purposes, may be left blank)
Extra fee only If you charge Subscribers for anything other than their weekly vegebox, such payments must be indicated by ticking this box. VegeBoss automatically assigns payments to one or more SaleDays, but won't do this for payments marked as "extra fee". NOTE: If a Subscriber makes a payment of $52 being $50 for a vege box and a $2 fee, this must be entered into VegeBoss as two separate payments. Only the $2 payment should be marked as an extra fee.
Payment refund When updating an existing payment, you also have the option of recording a refund of all or part of the payment. This is not often required, so these fields are usually left blank.

If you ask your subscribers to pay a deposit when subscribing, this amount can be added on the Edit a Subscriber page.