SaleDay Grower orders

This screen allows you to enter quantities of Products to be ordered from Growers. Only products from the previous (SaleDay requirements) screen are included.

Field Purpose
Product Name of the Product to be ordered
Grower Name of the Grower to order from
Quantity Quantity of the Product to be ordered from this Grower
Extra info Optional note or instructions for the Grower about this product order, for example "in bunches of 5 please".
Required / Excess This list shows additional Products that should be ordered, and Products where more has been ordered than necessary, based on the quantities from the SaleDay requirements screen. The list is for your information only, and does not force you to match quantities exactly.
Extra products
If your group allows it, this link lets you record any extra Products ordered, but not destined for boxes.
Download summary
of orders
This link generates a list of Products to be ordered from each Grower, and will include any "Extra info" if present. You might use this list for submitting the orders to Growers.

SaleDay steps: SaleDay summary > SaleDay buyers > SaleDay requirements > SaleDay orders > SaleDay supply > SaleDay packing