SaleDay Grower supply

This screen lets you record how much of each Product was received from Growers.

Field Purpose
Product Name of the Product ordered
Grower Name of the Grower
Qty requested Quantity of the Product ordered from the Grower (from the previous SaleDay orders screen)
Qty supplied Quantity of the Product actually received from the Grower
Qty rejected Quantity of the Product received, but rejected due to damage or poor quality (if any)
Summary Note if the quantity supplied (less any rejected) doesn't match the quantity ordered.
Extra products
If your group allows it, this link lets you record any extra Products that were supplied, but not destined for boxes. Grower payments will take these Products into account.
Download costs This link generates a list of Products supplied by Growers, along with amounts payable to each Grower.

SaleDay steps: SaleDay summary > SaleDay buyers > SaleDay requirements > SaleDay orders > SaleDay supply > SaleDay packing