Grower percentage

The Grower percentage is how much of each Product's retail price you pay to Growers.

For example let's assume the Grower percentage is 70. A Grower supplies you with 10kg of carrots, with a current retail price of $3/kg. The total retail value of these carrots would be $30 (10 × $3), so you would pay $21 to the Grower (70% of $30).

There is a single default Grower percentage that applies to all Growers, or you can set a different percentage for any individual Grower. You can update the default rate from a link on the Growers page, or add/change an individual Grower rate when you Edit a Grower.

When adjusting a Grower percentage, the following fields are shown:

Field Purpose
Current value When viewing the default percentage or a Grower's custom percentage, this will show the current rate and the date it applies from. This field will not be shown if you're adding a custom rate for a Grower who currently uses the default rate.
New rate Enter the new rate to be added or changed. For example for a 70% rate, enter 70 here (not 0.7)
Start date This is the date the new percentage will take effect. The old rate will still be used for SaleDays prior to this date. If the displayed "Current value" is wrong (ie it hasn't changed, but was entered incorrectly), enter the correct rate, but leave the date field empty.